Thursday, April 12, 2007


We (The Bad News Bears of cooking) have returned from New Orleans, sunburned, and yet somehow refreshed. I can honestly say that I could go another week without eating a fried oyster. This Saturday marks the return of Zora as chef, and I will go back to chopping and drinking duty. The weather is changing, my friends... flowers are popping up, the air is warming, green veggies are showing their little faces in the market... and, since we had such a terrible deluge of rain last weekend, why not join us for a smashing spring menu THIS SATURDAY NIGHT? Menu is as follows:

• Fresh Berkshire Ham (via Heritage Foods) slooooow-roasted with herbs and garlic
• Roasted Artichokes with Burrata (oh man...)
• Bulgur Pilaf With Sour Cherries and Caraway
• Purslane Salad With Garlic Yogurt Dressing
• Something green, springy and delicious to be named later...
• Und ze Salzburger Knockerl! Wunderbar!

"What Nockerl!"
"Oh, sank you doktor!..."

Frankly, you should come just so you can go to work on Monday and brag about your extraordinary Salzburger Knockerl eating skills...