Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Forking Fantastic Is Here!!

Oh. My. God.


I know it shouldn't have come as a surprise, since we have only been working on it for over two years, and I have had the galley copy since June, but... seeing it yesterday, seeing the REAL THING made me weep. Poor Anne, our publicist. I think she thought I was a baddass, and I accidentally outed myself for the weepy, emotional, sentimental pussy that I am, by crying in front of her, but DAMN.

I am a published author! We wrote a cookbook! And In Sh'Allah, it is only the first of many!

This hangover is totally worth it.


rogueregime said...

Woo hoo!


Brian Jones said...

That is awesome, I will be getting a copy!

Tamara Reynolds said...

I am not sure we will be able to teach you anything Mr Cooking School Graduate!! But we are thrilled you will have a copy!