Thursday, September 24, 2009

Forking Fantastic gets lovin from a COMPLETE STRANGER!!!

Her name was Rosie, she was a showgirl..... wait. wrong song.

We have never met her, and yet she loooved the book! She is not related to us, not have we ever got her drunk! (and yet...we feel we owe it to her to get her drunk!)

See her review here.

It's coming, people, buy your copies now and it will all count towards our first week numbers. Remember-- the more books we sell, the greater chance we will make money, and the sooner we can pick up the bar tab for you.

World domination. One dinner party and one drink at a time.


baji said...

done and done

Rosie said...

Yes buy more copies! Buy one for your aunt who will blush and gasp because of the cursing, yet read every word! Buy one for your sister-in-law who always burns half the dishes at Thanksgiving, but you never had the heart to tell her she sucks. Then buy two for yourself, so you will have a back-up for when you spill stuff all over the first one while you are in the middle of preparing fired chicken for 30 people...

baji said...

it appears that i will soon be in possession of not one, but TWO copies.

*insert cash register "ching" sound effect*