Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paris In Astoria!

Click above for the NY Times Recipe!

Hello again Hungry kiddies!

As it turns out, Spaten Beer wants to sponsor a SND. (Thanks, Page Six!!) I was all set to accept (happily) free beer on your behalf and cook the food of my people—the Germans and Austrians—to go with it. But when I started looking at recipes and thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that I really only wanted to make Spaetzle and Strudel. So I scrapped it.

Then today when I was having a meltdown, and cleaning my entire apartment as if Queen Elizabeth (or my mother) was about to drop in for a visit, I ran across the NY Times Dining Out section from Wednesday. There they were: Gorgeous little Rose Meringues with Pomegranate Seeds. Paris on a plate. It got me thinking about how I have only been to Paris once, for 14 hours, and the only meal I had there wasn't even French (don’t ask) and how I am dying to go back, and eat French food... and there it was! Dinner!

So this Saturday we will be eating the meal I would have if I was in Paris, only right here in Astoria. Who says you have to leave home to get exotic ideas?

And don’t fret—when Zora returns we will indeed allow Spaten to sponsor us, and you can drink your little hearts out for free.

SND this Saturday Feb 23 @7pm
Address to follow.

Celery Salad
Leeks Vinaigrette
De Puy Lentil Salad
Asparagus With Sauce Gribiche
Potato And Fennel Gratin
Chicken with Calvados, Onions and Cream
Pomegranate Rose Cream Meringues

As always, the first 20 get the seats. RSVP soon, as these dinners have been filling up crazy fast lately. Don’t bother bringing your business cards; we don’t care what you do or how much you make, we just want you to enjoy a meal with strangers. I will answer all emails on Tuesday, as I have guests in for the weekend. (not my mother, nor the queen). Address will be in the confirmation email, as we may do it at Peter and Zora’s house.

In Love and Garlic,

Tamara (Mrs!!)

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