Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coming to a Bookstore Near You.......

Zora and I are proud and ridiculously excited to report that Penguin Books (Viking) will publish our book. Here is the announcement that will appear in Publisher's Weekly tomorrow:


Creators and hosts of a popular underground supper club in New York City, Zora O'Neill and Tamara Reynolds F**CKING DELICIOUS: Eat well and put the party back in "dinner party," a manifesto for low-rent, high-reward entertaining, with recipes, instruction and personal stories to encourage people to throw their own dinner parties, to Lucia Watson at Viking Studio, at auction, by Gillian MacKenzie at Gillian MacKenzie Agency (world).

It will be a paperback format with some color photos-- funky, fun, amusing and informative (just like us!) Anticipated date of publication will be 2009.

Thank you so very much to all of you who come to dinner-- be assured there are 40 recipes to write so you are all along for the ride now!!!!!

Duck Fat!!!!

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