Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Old School Edna, Y'All!

Edna knows.

Happy New Year, Hungry Kiddies!

Bush is in Israel (sightseeing), Hillary is shaken but back on top, 2 very white states put Obama in the lead, McCain is somewhere out there and it will be about 73 (?!?) degrees today....It is a New Year indeed!!

And what better way to celebrate the New Year than to go back to our old favorite, Edna Lewis? Gourmet published a recently discovered essay of hers last month... elegant as usual with many literary and old school cultural references. I'll say it; it made me misty. It also made me consider that when I cook from Edna I almost always cook her more "highbrow" recipes-- but why not change it up this time and cook dumplings, biscuits, greens and.... smothered steak? It starts to make me think of the REAL family dinner, as in, the one that I was forced to attend at home because it was the rule that we all eat together rather than me running amok all over the neighborhood with my friends.

So in the spirit of Old School and the great Edna Lewis (the one Unifier I can get behind anytime, anywhere), Join us Saturday, Jan 19th for Sunday Dinner on a SATURDAY NIGHT. Home cooking at it’s finest to warm you on a (presumably) cold winter’s night, including:

Baked Crusty Bread With Tomatoes I Put Up This Summer
Simmered Greens With Cornmeal Dumplings
Wilted Salad
Baked Apples
Brown Butter Creamed Bitter Greens
Smothered Steak
Potato/Turnip Casserole
Some ridiculous Layer Cake (perhaps Lane cake?)

We don’t care what you do for a living or how much you make or who your parents are, were, or will never be. We just want you to come, take a load off, eat some delicious food and meet some new people. Argue it all out, convert unbelievers, tell tales and laugh laugh laugh!

In Love and Garlic,

Tamara (Mrs!!!)


Stacy said...

Hi there!
Fellow Astorian here who just heard about the Sunday Night Dinners, and wants to can I get involved?! It sounds like such a great idea!!

Tamara Reynolds said...


Howdy, neighbor!

please email me at (or click on the profile section and then the email link) with your email address and tell me a little bit about yourself. Then I will put you on the list. This one is sold out, but there will be another in a couple of weeks.

Hope to hear from you!