Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Season's Eatings!

Wrapping up 2009 several days late, here.

What can I say? I left town for the holidays and when I came home I got sucked into Season 11 of Dallas!

But, seriously... What with supporting the book, and all that that entailed, 2009 turned out to be one enormous media push, some assignments being more fun than others.

Now that it is over, I am here to say that all interviews are NOT created equal...

Here are six interviews that were incredibly fun to do:

The five week, December series that Zora and I did for WNYC's Brian Lehrer show answering holiday hosting questions and learning some beautiful things about our fellow New Yorkers and the way they like to entertain,

and here's another one for CBC Q, a nationally broadcast radio show in Canada., also available on Sirius 137...

CBC Q - Holiday Dinner Parties

Those Crazy Canadians! This was our longest radio appearance, clocking in at nearly twenty minutes, but the interview felt like comfortable dialogue. I am still amazed that I at least seem able to express myself in complete sentences... Both hosts, Brian Lehrer and Jian Ghomeshi, were incredibly generous and I would love to interview with either of them again.

Now, on to other ventures. More writing, some private chef clients, some catering, a food panel, teaching classes at Brooklyn Kitchen, and... Who knows?

I do know that I bought a BUNCH of cookbooks yesterday, so there'll be someone in the kitchen with Dinah! AND... This week I will be back at The Hunts Point Fish Market, selecting oysters and clams for this Saturday's Sunday Night Dinner.

Stay tuned.

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Dayes said...

loved the interview on CBC. not to be pedantic, but you missed an "i" in Jian's last name - Jian Ghomeshi.

come to Canada again soon! =)