Thursday, October 22, 2009

Book Tour! The Musical! Video Links below of EARLY AM TEEVEE!!

Ok, so it's not really a musical. But it does involve going from city to city, checking into fancy hotels, driving rental cars very fast through unfamilar streets, consulting the iphone a lot for directions, calling friends who are from whatever city we are in to find out where to eat, signing copies of Forking Fantastic! in bookstores and "liberating" them from their bad placement in the store, and getting up REALLY early to do local teevee segments. Here is Portland and Here is Seattle. Notice what quick studies we are and how much better we get after PDX! I LOOOOOOOVE book tour! I was MADE to go on book tour!!!

Tonight we are on to Third Place Books in Seattle (7-8pm)-- run by the lovely and amazing Wendy Manning. (I know that because she has had dinner in my home a few times and I am sooooo looking forward to seeing her again!) Tomorrow we are at Dahlia Bakery in Seattle.It is lovely here, what with Salumi, Anchovies and Olives and Maximus-Minimus, (which we just call "The Pig Bus").

Off I go to freshen up for the clamoring masses at the book signing....

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