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Welcome 2009.... Italian Style, Or... Everything I Learned From The Italians, Without The Pasta!

***Karl and I are moving this week. It seems to be the natural time to clear out the blog of all of the posts that got lost in the shuffle. This one is from the first SND of 2009, January 13, to be exact. Winter in a rainy spring. Enjoy!

I think I have always longed to be a member of a larger group. Not a club, necessarily, but a group with a strong heritage; an identity forged through food.

My mother's family was from Wisconsin, by way of Austria, and that connection primarily manifested itself in her fabulous pastries, and the occasional sauerkraut/sausage concoction. My father was a chef, so he didn't cook much at home, and didn't have a specific national specialty.

In college I met Victoria, whose father was from Sicily. They had such a rich culinary tradition (it makes me laugh to remember all the times I visited Victor and Dottie, and left barely able to carry all the food they packed for me).

One night, shortly after we met, Victoria taught me how to make "sauce."

I will never forget her yelling in horror that my sauce was 'dirty,' and what in the hell was I doing? I had no clue that she was talking about the seeds in the tomatoes.

Victoria and her father Victor eventually taught me how to make all sorts of dishes I never knew about. Charred Green onion salad with Anchovies and lemon slices. Fennel Salad. Orange Salad with Oregano and Red Onion.... I am forever grateful.


Welcome 2009... Italian Style!


Everything Good I Learned From the Italians.. without Pasta!

Happy New Year Hungry Kiddies!

I was holed up in the snowy wilds of Vermont with friends for the New Year. It was divine! I took the ridiculously gorgeous new cookbook
Olives and Oranges by Sara Jenkins and Mindy Fox with me-- my Christmas present to myself. Years ago, when I was working at Fressen, my friend and then boss Lynn Mcneely took me to an after work dinner at Prune, where we met Sara Jenkins. What I remember most about that night is that Sara was on her way to Sicily to watch the tuna run. Talk about a free and dedicated spirit! From then on, I ate wherever she was cooking whenever I could. I am thrilled to report that her cookbook is just as interesting and excellent as I thought it would be, and it reminds me of all of the amazing regional Italian food that doesn't get a lot of attention.

I have also been fortunate to have Victoria and her father Victor, (from Sicily) as culinary guides for many years. Some of their food is on this menu as well.

So to ring in the New Year at the dinner table, join me this Sunday, January 11 for an all Italian meal, dishes that I have taken with love from my friend Victoria and her father, Victor, and Sara and Mindy.

Panfried Maine Sweet Shrimp (in season NOW!)
Fennel Salad
Oranges with oregano and oil cured olives
Potato with Hot Peppers and Olives
Wilted Escarole with hot anchovy vinaigrette
Heritage Porchetta, slooooow roasted
Slow cooked Cannellini beans with Rosemary
Pears and Pecorino with Chestnut Honey

Those little shrimp were the BOMB. Just quick sauteed in super hot olive oil and garlic, with aleppo pepper and salt finishing them. Like spicy popcorn, but shrimp! Thank you Olives and Oranges!

Shaved Fennel salad with red grapefruit pieces, finished with olive oil, squeeze of lemon and salt. Refreshing and bright.
The ruins of a plate piled high with cranberry beans, potato, pepper and oil cured olives, and orange oregano salad. Slow roasted Heritage Pork. Unbelievably delicious. White wine, garlic, rosemary, thyme, five it all a rub with olive oil and toss a couple onions in the pan. Roast for hours and hours on 250. It will melt in your mouth. This little piggy is worth every penny, plus you are helping to save the breed by eating it!
Sliced Bosc Pears with Shaved Pecorino and Chestnut Honey. The honey has an earthy, foresty almost petrol taste to it, like some Rieslings. Paired with the pears and the pecorino.... excellent.
Beautiful escarole roasted with anchovies and garlic, finished with lemon.

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