Friday, December 14, 2007

Delicious Double Header In Astoria...

One sleeps, the other keeps an eye out for Fergus Henderson...

Double header, as in 2 dinners. In one weekend.
Oh yeah, Baby. Demand... demands it.

Below, the invite.
To follow, the pictures and the rundown.

Stay tuned...

Well well.

You are hungry kiddies indeed.

In the time it took me to take the N train to work, take a couple of calls from people freaked out about their wine orders and have a cup of coffee, you guys filled all the seats. Damn.

So instead of saying YES to everyone over the magical number, and ending my marriage before I even get my Christmas present, I decided to add a REPEAT on the very next day. As in Sunday. Sunday Dinner on Sunday, Dec 30 @ 5pm, dinner at 6. Same menu, (the croquembouche might be replaced with something slightly less... dangerous to assemble.

So if you didn't get confirmation from me, or if you want to come twice, or if you can't come Saturday but you CAN come Sunday...

RSVP. First 20 get the seats. Original invite is below.


Hello again Hungry Kiddies--

Some people think of the New Year as a time to make resolutions, give up old habits, drop people, seek new and better relationships, drop dead weight, change jobs.... look inward for spiritual worthiness and the meaning of life. In short, Change. At Sunday Dinner, New Year's is just another time to cook with duck fat. Oh-- and make a Croquembouche after a 3 year respite. Zora will be off for an exciting month of travel, but Karl and I will be here holding down the fort and doing everything in our power to resist the siren song of RESOLUTIONS.

So on December 29 at the Reynolds/Wasserman Love Shack/ Ranch we will be throwing what you should think of as a warm up for the New Year. Athletes train for their big event and you should too! I thought this dinner should bring a look back and forward-- dishes we have had in the past, (croquembouche, gravlax) and things I have never even considered making until a low point at work yesterday (Roasted pheasant with confit legs). Menu as of now is below; if you are a veteran, you know that this can change at any time due to availability or just shaky mental health.

Homemade Gravlax with accompaniments
Country pate (PIG LIVER! DUCK LIVER!)
Frisee salad with fig balsamic redux and pomegranate seeds
Roasted Pheasant with confit legs and maybe some confit duck legs thrown in
Flageolet and cranberry bean ragout
Roasted Fennel

In love and garlic,

Tamara (Mrs!!)


elk said...

Hey, I just heard you on WNYC. How do I get invited?


Tamara Reynolds said...


email me at and tell me a bit about yourself. I will get right back to you. There is a link on the blog as well-- under the profile section.