Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This Week's Menu and SND in today's NY Post

Quickly, as I am at WORK and unable to really take my time on this.......

Below is this week's menu, along with the invitation that went out. Zora also did an interview with the NY Post that is available here. They misspelled her name, but otherwise it looks good.

This week will be a mix of old and new... and one of our last outdoor menus for awhile, although maybe we can sneak in one more... Check back.....

Hello again, Hungry Kiddies--

If you missed me on WNYC last week, you can still catch it here:

If that doesn't float your boat, you can open this Wednesday's NY Post, and read a feature story featuring the eminently quotable Miss Zora. She's discussing Sunday Dinner and our campaign to conquer the world, one well-cooked dinner party at a time... If that STILL isn't enough, well... you'll just have to get your ass on the subway, and roll out to Queens this Sunday, won't you?

Come on out for what is likely our final backyard meal this season, and share a drink and a laugh. We kickstart the grill at 4pm, and the menu is looking to fall out like this:

grilled lemon garlic octopus
grilled pita and tzatsiki
Grilled fish wrapped in prosciutto

last of the summer tomatoes melted butter and sea salt

lettuce, radish and celery root salad- maybe grain mustard dressing? maybe green goddess dressing-

sauteed kale with pickled shallots

maybe that tomato casserole of Edna Lewis but with green tomatoes?

turnip potato gratin

pear or plum upside down cake with pear or plum ice cream. See: Karl

VERY IMPORTANT: This is limited to the first 20 people who respond to this email. Or I will find myself in divorce court. Truly.

We don't care what you do or how much money you do or don't make or who you voted for, we just want to you to love to eat! Some come on -- rub elbows with a stranger and get a little grease on your hands; you will thank me later.

In love and Garlic--

(Mrs!!) Tamara

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